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If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On

Day Four: What I ate today.

So I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, dinner plates just cleared, my grandma beginning to do the dishes, my grandpa finishing the last few sips of his drink, my mom flipping though a magazine I had brought with me in hopes of reading at some point now that my finals are though. I’m home.

This morning for breakfast I had a peppermint hot chocolate and a blueberry scone from Starbucks. Originally, my friend and I were going to grab something from the dining hall before we left, but our plan was foiled: the dining hall had closed for the winter break. So before setting out on our long journey home, we succumbed to overpriced coffee and pastries. And boy was it worth it.

Apart from a bag of halloween shaped pretzels I keep in my car for emergency snacking, I didn’t eat anything else until I arrived back home. It didn’t take too long before my grandma was offering me everything but the kitchen sink. I opted for a liverwurst sandwich and cheese doritos. Say what you will about liverwurst, but I think it is delicious. I even wrote an essay on the processed meat my senior year of high school. There is just something about the spicy, salty goodness of liverwurst that makes me feel well, at home.

Dinner was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be, with my homecoming and all, but still good. Venison chili and hotdogs. Good comfort food for a frigid Chicago night.

Dessert was a piece of chocolate from my Christmas countdown calendar. Only eight more days until Christmas!


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  1. Glad to have you home safe and sound!!


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