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I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it’s better than college.

Quote by Ray Bradbury

Almost two days in a row for missing a post. I suck.

Day Thirteen: This Week

A lot has happened this week, so I guess I’ll break it down day by day.

Wednesday, December 22: Aunt had come into town the day before, and family wanted to see her. My grandma decided to make different kinds of soup. I offered to make the potato soup, because 1) I was bored and wanted something to do and 2) I wanted thick, chunky soup, which is not how my grandma makes hers. It turned out stupendously, and at the end of the night, my soup was completely gone while all the other soups had vast quantities left. I call that a win on my part, and for that, I shall take a bow.

Thursday, December 23: More family came over to see my aunt. We hosted taco night at our house so she could see everyone and everyone could see her. Not too exciting, I basically sat there and ate my burrito while all the “adults” (I say in quotes because I am technically an adult too, though the adults in which I am referring to are my mom and aunt’s age, not mine) went on about menopause. Thank goodness there were good brownies to keep me occupied…

Friday, December 24: Spent the day with my dad. Saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader (And for those of you wondering, that was only my second time seeing it. I see your mouths hanging agape, you can close them. I’m not that obsessed anymore. I’m more at the level of very interested), which was great. Then we went back to his house, opened presents, watched Elf, made dinner, saw a house with a fantastic light show, and went to the Christmas Eve service at his church. Good, quiet day.

Saturday, December 25: It was Christmas. I think you know what happened then.

Sunday, December 26: My aunt left. I had to work on the busiest shopping day of the year at quite possibly the busiest mall in the world. I hate my job. I hate the people who come into that store, they make my work so much hard. I just keep reminding myself it’s a paycheck and I have a job, unlike come people. Some how I was wrangled into working the next day too. I need to learn how to say no.

Monday, December 27: Lunch with my mom in the morning (Olive Garden–yum!), saw Tangled for the third time (Yes, I’ve seen that one more than I’ve seen Narnia. Believe it, People. Believe it.). Family called, asked if I could house/pet sit for them. Went to work, this time for five and a half hours–half an hour short of getting a thirty minute break. Therefore, I don’t get to eat until eleven that night. Needless to say, I was starved. Famished. Thank god I had leftover Olive garden to heat up.

Tuesday, December 28: Got up at 7AM to take care of family’s dogs, tried to sleep a little longer, but I was already awake and their dogs wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. Got ready, took bigger dog for walk, went back to my house, took a nap before work, went to work (baby shift today–still awful though. Do people really think sales associates are their slaves? Because we are not. At all.) Mom picked me up from work and we headed into the City, ate at Italian Village (So much better than Olive Garden), and saw White Christmas. Returned back to family’s house to find dogs and cat (and house) perfectly fine. And now, bedtime.


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