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One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.

Quote: Oscar Wilde

Day Fourteen: What I wore today

Not sure why this topic is featured twice in the 30 day challenge, but oh well. At least I’m not wearing the same thing I did the last time I wrote about this!

Today I am wearing my New York and Company skinny jeans, an Old Navy black tank and an It’s black and white stripped sweater. I received my sweater for Christmas, and I love it because the sleeves are actually long enough! Yay! Black flats for shoes.

Wow, boring post. Sorry guys. Though to be honest I don’t know if anyone besides my family reads this. If you do, let me know! I love to hear feedback!


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  1. I read it! 🙂

    I sympathize about sleeves being long enough; tho I don’t think I have as much trouble as you! 😀 But I’m long through the legs and the arms (legs in particular) so it’s tough!

    I wish they made pajama pants in longs… 😉 My most recent problem!

    I’m actually wearing a black button-up longsleeve right now that the sleeves come to my wrists…if I work at it. Right now, they’re halfway up my forearms. 😉 Long sleeves tend to do that on me! Particularly ones that are just barely long enough. 🙂

    So the question that occurs to me now; do you like skinny jeans or bootcuts better? I love both, but prefer bootcuts for everyday wear. Skinny jeans over heels, tho? HOT! 😀 Unfortionately a)my feet are flat and dislike heels and b)my boyfriend isn’t tall enough to make me wearing heels practical. 😛 Particularly the 4-inch stuff I love. 😀

    But bootcuts work amazing over sneakers and boots (also with heels…*sigh* They’re not quite 3-inches, tho, so I’m a little safer). I have a few pairs of flats, but I’m not the worlds biggest fan generally. I usually don’t wear them on a day-to-day basis. This is also because snow gets in them too easily! lol! 🙂 I actually have a pair I just got that I love cuz they have pointy toes and look like heels tho. 😀

    Yea. Rambling. 😛

  2. I prefer skinny jeans, though oddly enough most of my jeans are boot cut. I like how skinny jeans make my legs look super long (which they are). I don’t like the really tight skinny jeans though. They just give the the ice cream cone effect (Tiny at the bottom and grows to be larger on top. Not attractive.)

    I wish I could wear heals, but I have a hard enough time walking barefoot, so adding height while balancing on a small post for support is a disaster waiting to happen 😉 .

    Also, it’s ok if you ramble. I like getting replies from people. It makes me feel special 😀

  3. Haha, I think most people have mostly boot-cuts. It’s cuz all us people who have stopped growing are still collecting skinny jeans, which have really only been in about a year…MAAAAYBE two. So all our jeans we’ve collected over the years…all our favorites that we cannot imagine living without…are still bootcut. 😀

    Also…because I wear a lot of sneakers, I find bootcuts more practical for that. 😀

    You’re taller than me…so your legs are probably about the same length as mine. I have an inseam that is almost 38 inches, tho. It’s longer than my dad’s! And he’s 6’1″. 😀 Super-long legs! My ultimate thing would probably be mini-skirts, but my mom would kill me. Short-shorts and knee-hi boots wi some heel? WOOW. My legs look miles long. And pretty dang good too. :D.

    I like tight skinny jeans, but I’m an almost perfect hourglass. So. Perfect shape. 😀 I love my shape, personally. 🙂 Which, considering that I’m stuck with it, is a good thing!

    I like walking barefoot. 😉 Heels are a bit hard for me too, but not toooo bad. Stilletoes are… Yea. Wedges are much easier! 😀 lol!


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