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The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.

Quote by e e cummings

This is a letter to those employed here at Mizzou:

To Whom it May Concern:

I write, “to whom it may concern,” though I fear my problem does not at all concern anyone here at this establishment. Two days ago Columbia was hit with over eight inches of snow in the span of twenty-four hours, leaving the roads, cars, and walk ways completely covered (and in some compact car’s cases, completely submerged). As I laid in bed that night looking out my window, I couldn’t help but think maybe, just maybe, school will be cancelled. After all, not once did I hear a plow go down the street.

Imagine my surprise when, yesterday morning, I checked my email and found no notice of school cancellation. I immediately ran to the window to see if the streets and sidewalks were cleared, but no. They were in worse shape than when I had looked at them last night. It must have been a mistake; I should have received an email about school cancellations. It was no mistake. You did not clear the roads, and yet you still expected us to get to school.

I know I am at a slight advantage living on campus; I don’t have to find a parking spot in an unplowed lot, I don’t have to ride a bus on slippery streets. But I still have to walk knee-high through snow and leave with twice as much time in order to arrive on time. I wear my rain boots, but the snow is so high in some places that it falls into the boots when I step down.

Maybe my concerns are stemmed from the fact that as a Chicagoan, streets are never (and I mean NEVER) left unplowed. If there is even the slightest chance of snow, the trucks are waiting on the side of all major roads, ready to clear. They don’t wait for it to stop snowing; they plow while it is snowing, so that those who are unfortunately driving can drive safely. Snow days are a rarity. Streets are cleared by 6:30 every morning. If I was lucky, I would get one snow day a year. And if the streets were ever as bad as they are here, school would most definitely be called off.

So this is my plea, Missouri: Clean your streets. Don’t wait for the snow to stop. Plow now. Get a shovel and clear all the sidewalks. Pour salt over every driveway and parking lot. Get the snow out of here. I don’t care where you take it (Kansas maybe? 😉 ), but just get it out of here. I am in general a very peaceful person, but you are testing my patience. Do something soon, or I will not just be complaining about this problem on my blog: you will be hearing from me in person.


Bethany Weathers


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  1. Bethany you are absolutely right. To top it all off, the campus actually made things worse in their pathetic attempt to clear sidewalks after the fact. Over night the slush that the school had managed to create refroze and turned into ice making it a near impossible task for any student to safely make their way to classes. Shouldn’t it be a very big clue when you have to load the snow into dump trucks and haul it off of campus that this is a serious problem? The school should think about the safety of their students before they think about the money the state won’t give them if we don’t attend enough classes.

  2. MeeOW! The claws are out, folks. Mild-mannered Bethany Weathers is ticked off!! I LOVE IT!


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