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If I were a bear And a big bear too, I shouldn’t much care If it froze or snew; I shouldn’t much mind If it snowed or friz – I’d be all fur-lined With a coat like his.

Quote by Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

So today might be a day which goes down in history in the sports world (I’m assuming at least). The football game today between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers will be one of the greatest rivalries of all time, and whoever wins today will be moving on to the Superbowl.

Now I can only imagine what it is like back home in Chicago right now. Blue and Orange and Green and Yellow will be proudly displayed. Friends will become enemies. Foes could become allies. My guess is nothing will be going on today, except for watching the game.

I’m also imagining what will happen if the Bears win the game. Chicago will go crazy. My mind flashes back to when the Blackhawks won the playoffs and went on to win the Stanley Cup. The town was insane. Millions of people filled the streets, screaming and shouting and causing a raucous. If I can remember correctly, the bears haven’t won the Superbowl in over twenty years (1985, right?). And they haven’t been to the Superbowl in a few years either (I vaguely remember watching that game. The Bears scored within the first fourteen seconds, right? What a tease, they lost soon after).

I know I’m acting as if I know what I’m talking about, but in reality, I don’t. I couldn’t care less about the game today. I hate football. I hate almost all sports if I’m being honest. I don’t see what the attraction is. I’ve gone to games; I had the football season pass last year and this year for Mizzou, but I’ve only ever stayed for one full game. I’ve always gotten bored and left by half time. Other sports aren’t any better. I attended my first basketball game this past week, but it was so crowded and loud I couldn’t enjoy it. Every time we scored I nearly peed my pants because the stadium would erupt in cheers. I’ve tried, I really have, but I don’t have a fun time.

That being said though, I do know a thing or two about Chicago. In all the places I’ve visited, it is my favorite city. More so than London, Paris and Rome combined. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up there, but there’s something so wonderful about that city. I’ve talked to people from out of town visiting and they all say the same thing: Chicago is a great city. And it is.

So, while I most likely will not be watching the game today, in my heart I will be rooting for the Bears (Da Bears?). Because Chicago needs to get excited about something. For the most part, our sports teams suck, but it’s nice to have morale raised every once in a while. It’s what keeps us believing in miracles.


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  1. GO BEARS! I live in prime Packer country, but I’m rooting for the Bears! I hate the Packers, and my boyfriend has taught me to be a Bears fan. 🙂 I’m going over to his house today to watch the game…it will be incredible. His Dad and StepMom are Packer fans…and we’re Bears fans…WHOOO!

    And if the Bears win this game…my boss shall go crazy. She’s a huge Bears fan…she’ll come unglued. And if they win the Superbowl she’l TOTALLY flip out. I wonder if it’s worth it? lol!

    ❤ football! GO BEARS!


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