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Quote by William Butler Yeats

So I know I haven’t posted anything here for a while, but I was waiting for something good to write about. And friends, let me tell you: I have something BIG to tell you.

What? you may ask, eagerly anticipating my answer. Or you really couldn’t care less, in which case I will have to wonder why you are reading this post (Do keep reading though, it will get interesting, I promise!). Well, I’ll tell you.

I am study abroad this summer.

WHERE? all you eager people ask. Here are a few clues:

Clue #1: I could never get tired of eating potatoes.

Clue #2: Green is the new pink. (Not really, but for the sake of argument, it is in this case)

Clue #3: I’ll fit right in with my pale skin and red hair.

Think you know where I’m going? (I feel like Carmen Sandiego, except without the awesome computer game and cartoon show) Here’s one more hint for those who are a little slow:

Clue #4:  I’m currently drinking a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake to celebrate me getting into this particular program.

That’s right, I’m going to Ireland this summer! I will be spending three weeks studying the literature, culture and politics of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I have dreamed of going there for as long as I can remember, and now I finally get to. I have written in previous posts about how much I love to travel, and now I get to again. I can’t wait.

And no worries, I’ll be keeping you updated on my time there through this blog, which will be turned into a travel journal for those three weeks. I’m not exactly sure what I will be doing or seeing while I’m there (although I do know we are taking a tour of the Guinness factory and going to Belfast one afternoon), I’m sure it will be a trip of a lifetime.

Now I just have to fill out a mountain of wavers and forms, and figure out how to pay for it. I’m not too worried about any of that though. Right now I’m just focusing on me going.

So, with it out there, I guess it’s official now. I’m going to Ireland! WOOTIE-WOOT!


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  1. I am so, so, SO proud of you!!


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