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Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.

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Quote by John Updike

Today I did something I love to do. I went barefoot all day. And when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY LONG. I walked to class, I met my group for a group project, I went to dinner, all without shoes.

Why would I do this disgusting thing you ask? Today was TOMS shoes “Day Without Shoes.” The idea was that we would go barefoot for a day so that 1. we might understand what it is like not to have shoes and 2. to bring awareness to all the shoeless children in the world.

My day started sunny, which was good. Last year was rainy and cold, and my feet froze. This year though was a nice 63 degrees. Still kind of cold, but my feet wouldn’t lose its feeling.

My feet this morning. Nice and clean.

I wrote “I’m going one day without shoes so other kids don’t have to” on the bottom of my feet after I took the picture, so that if someone saw the writings they would know why I wasn’t wearing any shoes.

The sidewalks were still pretty damp from the rain last night, so walking to my first class was a little cold. Also because there is always construction around my dorm, I had to be careful where I walked. I didn’t want to step on broken glass or metal or some other sharp-pointed object that would hurt. The worst was the asphalt; the grooves in it made my feet really hurt for some reason. I tried walking quickly over it, but it still made my feet sore.

By the end of the day, my feet felt like I had walked on a pumice stone all day long. They feel raw and cold. And worstly, they look like this:

My feet at the end of the day. Ick. And oww.

They are really red, and the permanent marker completely wore off on the spots where I walked on them. I did this last year as well, but I forgot how eye-opening this experience is. I only chose to go barefoot for a day. Tomorrow, I’m going to go through my big orange bin of shoes to find which pair would match my outfit best. But for a lot of kids around the world, they don’t even have one pair of shoes to wear. Without shoes, they are much more susceptible to diseases, and for many countries, being shoeless is a marking of poverty.

That’s why TOMS shoes ( promises that for every pair of shoes purchased, they will give away a pair of shoes to a child in need. That’s also why they started “Barefoot for a Day,” so that we might get a little taste of what is going on in so many places around the world. I am proud to own three pairs of TOMS shoes, and I cannot wait to participate in next year’s “Barefoot for a Day.” Who knows, maybe next year, you’ll participate too.


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  1. Thanks for the very thoughtful gift…by giving me a pair of TOMS for my birthday you actually gave twice – to me and to another even more deserving person. You’re a great kid, you know?


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