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I’m back! and it’s been a RUF few months!

No literary quote this time. Sorry guys.

Wow, haven’t written on here for a while. Not that there is much to say, as being back at school only means hours of reading and papers, with a few panic attacks over exams for science classes thrown in the mix.

I guess what is most exciting for me at the moment is the prospect of going back to RUF tonight. RUF stands for Reformed University Fellowship, and is a campus ministry here at Mizzou (Other colleges have them too). I began going to RUF (We RUFfians pronounce it like “rough”) back in March with a friend, and I never looked back. I have never met such genuinely nice and welcoming people in my life. Instantly I felt as though this was where I was meant to be, that this was where God wanted me to be.

Tonight is the first service (8:00 PM in Jesse Wrench Auditorium if you’re interested) of the year, and I am so excited. I missed RUF so much during the summer. I missed the people, I missed the teaching, I missed the fellowship. It was, pardon the pun (or don’t) rough.

I feel like this summer I was not the Christian I should have been. I spent an entire month in Ireland (arguably one of the most religious countries in the world) and I don’t believe I spoke once about my faith. I doubt anyone who was on the trip with me even knew I was a Christian. When I was at home, I slept late and watched “Hungry Girl” on the Food Network on Sunday mornings instead of trying to find a church to go to. I didn’t read my Bible as much as I should have. I didn’t surround myself with other Christians to build myself (and them) up in our faiths often enough.

I don’t want to go preachy on you who are reading this (all three of you), because there is nothing more obnoxious than a haughty “Jesus Freak” shoving their beliefs down your throat. This is more of just a confession on my part, and a promise that I will try to be more courageous in showing who I really am, all of me, including my religious beliefs. I won’t hide them, but I won’t be pushy. Promise.


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  1. I just re-read your blog…. I believe you are wrong about people not knowing you were a christian in Ireland…you don’t have to mention the fact that you are a christian for people to know…being a christian is what you are on the inside that keeps you from lying-cheating-being dishonest etc….you showed a lot of intregrity while you were there….and…you did go to church with me,which I was so happy for..I love you so much..and I am very proud to say you are my granddaughter…glad to hear you acepted the leadership role in your bible study group…..


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