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I love being a writer. I am very lucky my life’s ambition turned out to be just as much fun as I thought it would be.

Quote by J.K. Rowling

Being an English major, I’m constantly surrounded by those who think they will be the next greatest writer. They brag about how their writing is so wonderful, that this professor said he/she should publish it in a literary magazine, or worse, how a literary magazine published one of their stories. Every time I hear a snooty English major boast, I have to wonder exactly how good their writing actually is.


During my many hours spent on StumbleUpon, I have come across countless posts about blogging, writing, and getting work published. Some of them have credibility, others I believe were made by my fellow classmates in an attempt to appear credible. The more I see those websites, the more I think, “So many writers out there are successful. How am I ever going to write something that stands out?”

Case in point: My two best friends are both journalism majors, with the hopes of writing novels on the side. Both are working on novels when they have a chance to actually think of something besides school. I have read many of their stories for the Missourian, and they are fantastic. I have also read snippets of their fiction work, and I’m equally impressed.

And what about me? Nothing. No creative juices flowing since April.

*sighs* 'You are,' not UR. Oh wait, FailURe. Got it.

Being surrounded by great writers can be intimidating. They technically aren’t even fiction writers. It’s their hobby. Me, I’m basing my life of being able to form words into sentences and creating interesting plots with those words. It’s really frustrating sometimes when I can’t come up with anything decent, and they are plugging away with great works that are already getting attention from faculty here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy for them. I love reading their blog posts and news articles. They really, truly are great writers, and I’m lucky to be able to say “I knew them when…” one day. Sometimes I wonder though if they will be saying that about me.

I’m not saying I want to become one of those hoity toity English majors I’m forced to spend my days with, but I’d like to write something meaningful one day. I’ll never be on the same level as Austen or Rowling (my two favorite authors if you haven’t caught on yet), but I’d like some acclaim, and not because my book is turned into a Lifetime movie.

One day, I’ll get over my writer’s block. I’ll pen (read: type) some great novel and a publishing company will be kind enough to print it. It will do relatively well, at least well enough so that I can be a stay at home mom. Until then, I will be staring at a blank Word document, praying for creativity.

If only it were this easy.



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I want to write. About what, I'm not sure. We'll figure that out together.

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  1. Bethany Weathers! Thanks for all the nice things you said about us, but I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit, at all. You’re writing is good! I’ve read it! You’ve got the technique, all you have to do is wait for that lightning bolt plot line to come along. 🙂 You’ll be up at the top of the writer’s circle just like the rest of us.

  2. What’s with all of the bashing?! First you are criticizing English majors (which I thought was one of your main complaints about Mizzou Journalism majors). Then you are hating on Lifetime – which let’s face it, is just great escapism (and who doesn’t need that every once in awhile?!). And, lastly you turn on yourself. Why are you beating yourself up? You are an amazing writer. Listen to Rachel. Listen to me. Give yourself a break. Think about it…Austen struggled to be taken seriously in her lifetime. JK Rowling waited years for success. You are only 21! Don’t worry, it will come in its own time. I am very proud of you and I love to read what you write!!

  3. I concur with Rachel. Yes, I concur. Do you concur? Yes I concur. I concur!
    Okay, now that my CMIYC reference is over…
    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your writing very much, but I know it’s gotta be good. Your mom is right (moms are always right, I’m learning). Think of how long it takes to get your name out there; even though Rachel and I have published things for the paper, that’s through SCHOOL. Not nearly as cool as independently. Everyone talks about being a future writer, and think of just how many books you can find everywhere by authors you’ve never heard of, let alone all the authors that filter into the best-sellers list? If Stephanie Meyers can get published, you sure can!
    May I also say that your post was very similar to what I would have written if I were a glass-half-empty (or a, “Who the hell drank half the glass?”–although I already kind of am that) kind of person. As you know, I may be a skeptic but there’s that constant glimmer of hope. And it extends to my friends; I know you will be great and I will be proud to have you as a friend in the future, publishing deal or no publishing deal (but probably publishing deal).


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