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“After all this time?” “Always.”

***For the sake of this post I’m going to assume every reader knows Harry Potter. If you happened to have lived under a rock for the past fourteen years, go to a bookstore or library and read them. And if you are one of those two people in the world who have read the books or seen the movie (or if you have and want to bawl your eyes out again), here’s the scene I’m going to be talking about: Snape’s Memories

Always: adv.  forevercontinuously, without interruption, without exception.

Such a simple word with such a powerful meaning. There are few lines in books that stick with me as much as this one. Perhaps it is the hopeless romantic in me, or maybe it’s just because I picture Alan Rickman/Snape saying it, but I got chills when reading it in the book and I was an emotional wreck in the movie theater when I heard it.

Snape’s love for Lily surpasses Ron and Hermione’s, Harry and Ginny’s, and any other relationship/love that you could think of in the series. Even after Lily chose James over Snape, after she has a child who looks exactly like her husband, Snape continues to love her. He sacrifices himself for her child. He vows to protect him, no matter what the cost.

Gets me every time.

I don’t know if Rowling meant for the sentence to be so poignant, but I know I am not the only one who sniffles at the thought of that scene. I can no longer see always written anywhere else without my mind flashing back to Snape. I feel as though it must be said now in a hushed, reverent tone, in honor of the fallen man who uttered the sacred word (I’m not being sarcastic here, by the way, I take all things Harry Potter very seriously). It is all because of one character in a children’s novel that always will forever hold a deeper meaning for me. Harry Potter was more than just a book series to me. They were as real as any non-fiction book. I will pass the stories down to my children and they will pass it down to theirs.

So thanks, Jo, for bringing such magic and wonder and love in my life for the past fourteen years. My love for Harry Potter will remain steadfast, forever and always.


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  1. I found out from a reliable source that, sadly, that is a fabricated quote….sad day. But great article anyway!!!!

  2. “J.K. Rowling wrote a better love story in one chapter than Stephanie Meyers did in four books.” I think what makes Snape awesome is that he’s such a tragic character… and for all his faults, he risked his life everyday to protect the last remnant of the person he loved.


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