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Put the Lime in the Coconut…

I know I haven’t posted in goodness knows how long, but I just didn’t have anything interesting to write. I figure if I don’t have anything that I wouldn’t want to read in mind to write, then I won’t write anything. But since Kate is busy writing magnificent reviews for Oscar noms (to be read here), and Rae is chronicling her adventures abroad (hers is a private blog), I figured I should find something to write about.

Only, nothing of significance has happened in my life lately.

Except that I contracted Lyme Disease.

Wrong kind of lime.

To save you the gory details, look it up on WebMD or Wikipedia. In short, the disease has settled into my joints and causes pain whenever pressure is exerted upon them. What sort of pressure? Oh, you know, walking, standing, sitting, bending, kneeling, pulling things, pushing things, carrying things, sleeping, breathing, etc.


I’m sure you are probably wondering, “How on earth did you get Lyme Disease?” I’m wondering that myself. As one friend put it, “You know Lyme Disease comes from ticks, right?” Many of you know that I am not exactly what you would call “outdoorsy” (as explained in my previous post about the Infamous Canoe Trip of 2011), so the idea that a tick somehow found me, bit me, and gave me this disease is a bit puzzling.

And I will admit, it is pretty painful. I have to take antibiotics and pain killers, and those only sometimes help. I have to take elevators and ramps instead of stairs because the latter is too painful. I’m not allowed to work out because it could hurt my joints even more. Even the most low impact activities can hurt. Getting to classes take For-Freaking-Ever, because I walk so much slower than I usually do. So I have to leave a lot earlier for classes in order to get there on time.

I guess I could always find another means of getting there though…

Too creepy. Sorry, Gaga. I don't like eggs. Or rubber dresses/boxer briefs.

Now we're talking...

…I kid, I kid. Unless there are some attractive guys who would be willing–in that case I have class at nine every morning but Tuesday.

While having Lyme’s is painful, I’m learning to deal with it. And hopefully, if I take all of my antibiotics, I’ll be cured of it forever. Until it goes away, I’m learning to take things slower, enjoy downtime, and put aside my incessant need for independence in order to ask for help when I need it (Seriously, being 21 and asking someone to help put your shoes on–not fun). Thankfully I have amazing friends and family who are willing to help, and have been praying and encouraging me through this whole process. This all would be so much harder without them.

So hopefully the next time I post (and really, you never know when that might be), I will be Lyme free, and this little guy will have found another living thing to infect:

Lyme Disease, plush toy style. The real thing is probably not as cute. And I'm guessing way, way smaller.


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  1. So sorry! 😦 Hope you feel better super fast. Also, if anyone who reads Bethany’s blog knows me personally and wants to see my blog, send me a Facebook message! So there, I plugged for my blog on your blog… classy. Glad to hear from you again, Bethany! 😀 Hang in there!

  2. I don’t get it either. As Leo told Kate, “I figured you for more of an indoor kind of girl.” Maybe the tick saw something it liked and just went for it, you never know. I will be there in a couple of weeks though to baby you as you should, most certainly, be babied. Love you!

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