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Letter to myself, circa December 1997

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Dear Seven Year Old Me,

Last night one of our dreams came true. We finally got to see Titanic in the theaters. We went with our friend Julia. We drove ourselves. Mom didn’t come with us. We snuck a pint of ice cream into the theaters to eat because we’re hard core like that. We whispered our favorite lines along with the characters. We cried when Jack wouldn’t wake up when he was floating in the freezing water, and cried even harder when Rose met him at the top of the staircase at the very end. It was everything we ever dreamed it would be and more, because James Cameron (the director) re-released the movie in 3D. We wore our 3D glasses over our regular glasses (yeah, we get glasses, and we still wear them), and we marveled at the movie that we’ve loved for 15 years.

As I was sitting there watching the movie though, I kept thinking of you, and how much has changed in these few short years. I know the idea of being 21 seems really far off, but it’s not. And trust me, we go through so much between then and now. Some of our dreams come true; others not so much. For example:

We do not:

  • Get the replica of the Heart of the Ocean. But trust me, we would never have worn it more than once or twice. It would have gotten lost in one of our drawers never to be seen again until Stupid Teenager Us finds it one day and decides to sell it in a garage sale.
  • Hold onto our Beanie Babies and get rich off of them. Again, Stupid Teenager Us sold them in a garage sale for $1 each. I know, we paid $5 each for them initially. Trust me, we will regret this decision later on in life.
  • Meet/marry Zac Hanson. He never knows we exist. He is, however, still very attractive and he and Taylor and Isaac are still playing music. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten to see them in concert. Yet.
  • Get a boyfriend. Not yet at least. But before you look at me and say, “But you’re 21…” remember that we are a princess and frogs simply do not make the cut. There are only so many princes out there and we must be patient to find him.
  • Become a teacher. This is a GOOD THING. We are an English major now, and have no idea where our path may take us. We are both excited and terrified at that idea. On a side note, Mom DOES become a teacher. Weird, right?
  • Chew Tobacco like a man like Rose. Again, this is a GOOD THING. We will NEVER do this because tobacco is ICKY. We will STAY AWAY from it. Our body does not need that put inside of us. DO YOU UNDERSTAND????
  • Go to University of Texas. No Longhorns for us. Instead we go to University of Missouri, which is a pretty awesome place. Trust me. And trust Mom. She’s the one that found out about it.

We do, however:

  • Get to see the Titanic exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry with Alexis. It will be one of our favorite days ever, and we will still talk about it when we’re my age.
  • Visit five countries in Europe and five countries in the Caribbean. Plus Canada. All of these (minus Canada) will be without Mom and Dad. We survive. Our only child independent skills kick in.
  • Get our heart broken by a boy. By two boys, actually. No, neither of them was our boyfriend, but they still crushed our crushes. And while we went through these heartbreaks we believed that no boy would ever truly love us, but there is one out there. We just haven’t found him yet.
  • Get our hearts broken by many other things too. I don’t want to tell you all of them, because that would a long list, and some things are best left to getting through on our own. There will be times when we question everything around us, and wonder if there is any good in the world, but believe me when I say there is. We will never lose the hope of a happy ending. Never.
  • Ride a roller coaster, like Rose. A lot of them. We don’t throw up on one though. We will almost lose our glasses and/or phone (yep, we have our very own phone now) on multiple occasions. And upside down roller coasters really aren’t that scary. We won’t fall out, I promise.
  • Ride a horse, one leg on each side, like Rose. We do this on multiple occasions, in many different places. Yes, it is a bit intimidating, but if we relax, it’s actually really fun.
  • Drink cheap beer, like Rose. We will hate it though. Beer is icky. We will love wine instead.
  • Try to spit like a man, like Rose. It won’t turn out well though. There’s too much princess in us to do it properly.

There are so many things that I wish we knew at your age. But then when I look back, I realize that learning them will be half the fun. Seeing Titanic is certainly an experience that we will never forget, but it pales in comparison to some of the other wonderful things we get to see and do. I can only hope that we never let go of that passion and drive for our desires. After all, every princess deserves a happy ending, and we will be Queen on the World one day. We must remember to never let go of our dreams. Never.

With much love,

Twenty One Year Old Me


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