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Stomach Flu Revisited

This is a sort of misleading title, but it’s almost 11:00 at night and I haven’t written for a while, so give me a break. I am not in fact sick with the stomach flu, but rather I am referring to a blog post I wrote back in November, in which I chronicle the twelve stages of the stomach flu. When I wrote the blog post, I was fresh from finally reaching stage twelve, feeling well enough to actually sit at my computer to write something instead of lay in bed and wish that my stomach would calm the crap down.

What I had no idea was the popularity that post would receive. Because of the title, it appeared in google searches when people would search stomach flu. What they thought was WebMD was in fact a twenty-one year old’s account of her illness. Initially, it was mainly garnering views, but then the comments started pouring in. People writing about what stage in the process they were, thanking me for writing such a well thought out and humorous post that made the feel better in their time of sickness. The view count soared–in this past week alone, I have gotten over 600 views of just that post, not counting any of my other blog posts I’ve written here.

It’s exactly what a writer wishes for: popularity and fans. The writer in me becomes so giddy when I get an email saying some random person in Canada commented on my blog. My writing is meaningful to someone, and that someone is not related to me in any way, shape or form (Sorry, Mom, I appreciate your support too!). It makes me think that writing is what I am supposed to do. It makes we want to blog more, but when I sit down to write about something, nothing comes to mind. Nothing seems worthwhile to dedicate an entire blog post to. At this point I think the Drafts queue on my dashboard is almost as long as my published posts queue. How can a writer be a writer if she has nothing to write about?

That is the question that keeps burning into my brain as I am getting ready to graduate in a few short months. I will have a degree in creative writing, and I’m not even sure if writing is what I want (or can) do. What could I write that would make people want to read it?

I never expected to have such popularity in writing about being sick (On a side note, my blog post about Lyme Disease is far less popular), and yet it has. Maybe that’s the key to writing. Whatever is on your mind at that moment, that is what you write about. Sometimes you get a gem, and more often you get a nice piece of writing that your roommates and grandmother read. But in order to find those gems, I’m going to have to keep writing, that much is for sure.


About blweathers

I want to write. About what, I'm not sure. We'll figure that out together.

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  1. Keep weiting!!!

  2. I searched for stomach flu and this wonderfully written timeline of the glue popped up! I love your articles,I started reading more of your work. I love and I get your humor. I was trying to find a way that I could check out some more of your work. How can I read your blog? What is your name? I am a 38 year old married mom of 5 and I think you totally rock! I love me a good read! Please send me your Facebook or Twitter ot blogg link. I just want to read more please!
    Thank you, Danniella 😉


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