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The Problem with Princesses

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I overheard a conversation a couple of days ago between what seemed to be a couple having a disagreement. I’m not quite sure what the disagreement was about, but what I do know was that the girl was quite whiny and demanding, and the guy was very sarcastic in his responses to her. The argument ended with the guy saying, “Whatever you want, princess.”

It always annoys me when people call a woman “Princess” as a negative term. Being a princess is not a negative thing. At least it shouldn’t be.

A true princess is kind, gentle, poised, and a good role model. She puts others wants and needs before her own. She looks out for those who need help. She serves her community (and country). She is mature, classy, and (almost) never finds herself in bad press.

A True Princess. Okay, technically Duchess, but we all know she's a princess.

The term “Princess” has become the opposite of that. It describes a spoiled little rich girl who throws tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. She is frivolous in her spending and her lifestyle. She is selfish and immature and more often finds herself un-tagging photos of herself underage drinking on Facebook than she is posting fun pictures of her weekend. No young girl should look at her and say, “That’s exactly what I want to be when I grow up.”

NOT a princess. For goodness sake, put something over your bazoombas before you have a wardrobe malfunction!

95% of girls grow up believing they are princesses. Disney movies sear into our brains the idea that we are beautiful and deserve to be happy. I am still waiting for Prince Charming to arrive with my glass slipper, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t acquired quite the shoe collection myself. Princesses don’t necessarily need a prince to rule. If you think about it, in every Disney movie was the prince desperately trying to find the princess because he couldn’t live without her. She had learned to take care of herself (Except for Aurora, who went into a coma. She was however under a spell by an evil witch when she pricked her finger, so we can’t put all the blame on her).

That's some crazy in her eyes.

The point I’m trying to make is that yes, girls and women should aspire to be princesses, but they should be a true princess. Being a spoiled brat is not something that should be celebrated. Being a good role model is.

So the next time you consider using the word “princess” to describe a woman, stop and wonder if “ugly stepsister” would be a better description.

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